Rishtay wali aunty

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Maybe the calm after tears is your heart telling you it’s alive. It’s soft, a reassurance that there’s still hope.

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yayyyyyyyyy ^_^

I LOVE YOU ALL .. theek-hai-nah?

i dun want this post to get OLD =p so I’ll Reblog it AGAIN =)


How come bees and flies and such come inside through windows so easily but have such a hard time getting out??You dumb creature just fly out through the open window and stop making so much noise.

Anonymous asked:
You're a natural beauty! Superficial people are used to seven layers of deceit , i.e- makeup. Keep doing you! have a good day (:

thank you kind anon though makeup isnt a bad thing :) you too have a good day/night :)

I love how everyone is doing this selfie game :)
haha love you all, it’s like the best thing right now
everyone commenting on every set and the positivity is soo strong and it feels so good,  I guess that’s what we all needed 


I want to be less compact, less disc. 


Never get tired of asking Allah for whatever you need. Because humans get tired, they get bored, they get restless from listening to you; but not Allah. He is beyond that. Allah is beyond it.

Shaytan wants you to feel embarrassed to ask for the same thing again and again, but who else will help you? It’s only Allah, so keep asking. Never tire of asking from Allaah; because He will never tire of giving you.

just desi things : using your charpai as a trampoline

damned-perfection replied to your post: tariqkhaleeq said:I recently foun…

aisi harkaton ki waj se Pakistan taraqqi nahin karta..


tariqkhaleeq asked:
I recently found out that you posted pictures of yourself and suddenly out of nowhere you got so much hate for it and that made you rethink your decision. I DEMAND YOU PUT THEM BACK UP AGAIN!! You are beautiful no matter what! ye choti sooch vallo ki jurat k vo tumbler pe a k asy kuch baqwas kary! asy kamo k leye facebook kafi hai!



hello thank you for the message :) its okay some people dont have anything better to do ..and i always delete my photos anyways (dont want the real life people yo find my tumblr you know) aur facebook pe anon option nae na is liye saari bakwas yahan krte hain 




Asma Allah al Husna (part 1)

أسماء الله الحسنى

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “To God belongs 99 names, 100 minus 1, anyone who memorizes them will enter Paradise”

Part 2 


greysmeme + [4/8] characters - Meredith Grey